Embarking on a photographic journey with your dog is an experience filled with joy and adventure. In the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City and its neighboring areas offer several ideal locations for capturing stunning portraits of your dog. From serene parks, rivers, and woods, this guide unveils a few of the best dog photography locations in our area. So, leash up your dog, grab your camera, and let's explore the captivating world of dog photography in Kansas City, MO, and beyond.

Airworld Park

Kansas City, MO

Featuring a beautiful wooden bridge that crosses over a serene duck pond. With a mixture of tall grass, evergreen trees, and open fields, there is a great variety of backgrounds. Although there is the occasional flock of geese, this location is great for dogs that may be sensitive to distractions such as other dogs, people, and bicycles. 

outdoor dog photography in Kansas City, MO featuring a shepherd mix sitting on a wooden bridge looking into the distance

English Landing Park

Parkville, MO

English Landing Park in Parkville, MO offers a variety of beautiful locations for portraits. It features a large, open grassy area for dogs to run and play. There is also a wooded area, a large wooden bridge, and epic views of the Missouri River at sunset. Plus, there are many urban photoshoot opportunities available within walking distance. 

Small white dog posing on a log in Parkville, MO for a portrait

Weston Bend State Park

Weston, MO

Weston Bend State Park features several dog-friendly trails. Each trail offers a variety of features such as a beautiful forest area with a naturally soft dirt path, a more rugged dirt trail featuring many shrubs and valleys, a bluff overlooking the Missouri River, and a trail to the Missouri River where there is beach access (no swimming). Urban photoshoot opportunities are available with a short drive to the city of Weston, MO. 

dog photography in the forest in Weston, mo featuring a smiling red heeler lying down in the grass

Shawnee Mission Park

Shawnee, KS

This park boasts a large lake, rolling hills, and plenty of space for dogs to explore. You can't go wrong with this location and its acres upon acres of beautiful portrait spots.  

Outdoor dog photography in Shawnee, KS featuring a black and white portrait of a dog jumping in the lake

Loose Park

Kansas City, MO

Loose Park offers a gorgeous garden, a picturesque duck pond with a wooden bridge, and a vast open field with trees. Take advantage of the unique stone structures at Loose Park, incorporating the beautiful variety of flowers there, and you are on your way to capturing stunning portraits. It is important to note that any professional photography services here require a permit.

Photograph of a family at Loose Park in Kansas City, MO featuring two dogs

The comfort of your home

Indoors or Outdoors

Your home may likely hold the most meaning for your family. If this is the case, consider taking a look at your home and seeing where the best lighting is from the windows. Pose your dog in these locations within your home or in your yard to create meaningful photos.

In-home dog photography in Kansas City, MO featuring a schnauzer sitting with his toys in the family room

Professional Studio Session

Kansas City, MO

Consider booking a professional studio session with me to capture your dog's personality using controlled studio lighting to bring out the best fur details and features in your best friend.

red heeler playing tug of war against a white backdrop in a studio for dog photography in Kansas City, MO

These locations in Kansas City, MO, and its surroundings are sure to offer the perfect canvas for your dog's photograph. Whether against the backdrop of a serene pond at Airworld Park, the rolling hills of Shawnee Mission Park, or the colorful studio setting, each location has a variety of features that allow us to tell a unique story of the companionship and joy we share with our dogs. So, as you frame these memories, may your dog's spirit forever echo through the pixels, reminding us that every adventure is better with a loyal friend by our side. We'd love to hear about any unique locations you and your dog enjoy!